May Luncheon – Cybersecurity

In May at our luncheon held at Sconnie’s Alehouse & Eatery in Schofield we had a fascinating presentation on Cybersecurity from Lyn Arnhart of TeamLogic IT of Central Wisconsin.

If you missed the luncheon, you missed out on an eye-opening presentation by Lyn. I’d say she is an expert in her field, a former Colonel in the US Army (retired) where she conducted sophisticated analytics projects including at the Pentagon. With her new post as owner and CEO of TeamLogic IT in Schofield, she focuses on providing secure computer networks for her small and medium-size business clients.

In her presentation Lyn provided a DARK WEB Compromise Report, showing how many exposed credentials we had with our email. It was truly and eye opener!

Data Theft

Lyn discussed about WHO is monitoring for compromised data that can be used to exploit a business, whether or not businesses have a compliant data breach response plan in place, and provided information about employee credentials and how they are a best seller on the Dark Web.

The typical price range for individual credentials for example is $1 to $8. Cyber criminals make thousands of dollars selling this information to buyers. She explained terms like Phishing, Watering Holes, Malvertising, Web Attacks and the impact these can have on a business.

She explained how passwords are a 20th-century solution to a 21st-century problem, with a user ID and password combination still being the most common method for logging into online services including corporate networks, social media websites, online stores, banking accounts, and others. The average number of compromised data records per US-based company, including login credentials, is over 28,500.

Computer Network Hacks 

 An attacker can send spam from a compromised email account, deface websites, use exploited websites for hosting malicious content like viruses and malware that can spread to other compromised systems, collect and export sensitive data, and of course steal information that can be used in identity theft.

Our goal at SABA is to provide opportunities to bring value to your growing business. We welcome you to get involved with our local small business community, supporting each other, sharing best practices, and celebrating each others successes!

Thank you to Lyn Arnhart for an informative and eye-opening presentation! 

Jonnee Bauer
President – South Area Business Association