October Luncheon – Power Words


In October at our luncheon held at Mosinee Brewing Company in Mosinee.  We had a fascinating presentation on Power Words and Your Power Foundation from Heather Martell of  The Place of H / Heather Martel Consulting.

Heather is a best-selling local author and team-building expert. Heather spoke on the importance of fueling your inner power through the use of Power Words and a positive mindset, how to coach those around you to do the same, and how to summon that inner power when it is needed most.

Banker by day and author of the best-selling book Show It Until You Know It: A Guide to Building Self-Confidence as well as CEO and founder of The Place of H / Heather Martell Consulting, Heather puts her advocacy-based leadership skills to work empowering others.

Heather is an accomplished speaker, trainer, coach, energy producer, and Laughing Yoga instructor, with a mastery level certification in Leadership and Teams and a BS in Healthcare Management. Heather’s strong relationship skills have led  her to great success teaching leadership development, as well as strategies to create and maintain effective teams. Heather’s enthusiastic personality generates a contagious, positive energy wherever she goes!